Mustaches for Kids Twin Cities is the local chapter of Mustaches for Kids America, a volunteer-run non-profit organization started in Los Angeles in 1999 to do good and have fun by growing Mustaches for children’s charities. The concept is pretty simple, you get pledges/donations to grow a mustache for one month and all that money is donated to local children’s charities selected by the individual chapters.


M4KTC goals are simple.  Raise money for youth charities in the Twin Cities area, and have fun while doing it.  We strive to give back to this community, create opportunities where there is a void, and invest in our youth to ensure they feel connected to the future.


The year was 2020….a year we all can say we wish would move on as fast as possible.   But a few good people wanted to invest their time and energy to make this world a better place and decided to start here in our beloved home of Minneapolis St. Paul, otherwise known as the Twin Cities.  

In 2020 M4K Chapters across the country raised over $1,800,000 for children’s charities and its high time the Twin Cities joined them. We are launching our chapter this year and we are excited to be partnering with DinoMights who provide hockey opportunities and academic support for at-risk youth. Mustaches + hockey = awesome.

At the end of the growing season, we have Stache Bash, a mustache-themed costume party during which we crown the winner of the coveted “Sweetest Stache” and hand out other awards that are cherished by the recipients. So it’s all pretty simple: mustache, charity, and competition infused with meaningless pageantry. You can spare four weeks of your life for that.

In the words of Mark Twain, “I’ve never met a man with a mustache that was not good, honest, decent, awesome, good-looking, humble, sexy, wise, and a fantastic dancer.” (from “The Book of Stuff Mark Twain Never Said”)

The Board of Directors

Skip Lindgren

Founding Member

Good at asking for stuff from people & average hockey coach.

Sam Hinderaker

Founding Member

She knows people who, let’s just say are good to know.

John Resman

Founding Member

Behind the scenes guy & pickleball aficionado….just ask him. Bringing a little Windy City to TC.

Tim Carr

Founding Member

Good dude, looking to grow a sweet stache & help kids!

Lisa Jacobson

Board Member

Can’t actually grow a mustache…like ever…but CAN raise money like crazy.

Melissa Johnston

Founding Member

Loves volunteering & loves kids and still helps out on her family farm in Southern MN.